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Tekapo Springs is a recreation facility set in the stunning setting of Mt John in Lake Tekapo.

Tekapo Springs is dedicated to providing the ultimate experience for the whole family and to lift your spirits. Whether it's a relaxing soak in the pools, an indulgent treatment at the day spa, a dash around the ice skating rink or an adrenaline filled ride down the tubing park, Tekapo Springs is the quintessential entertainment & relaxation destination. Dare to ride our Trippo waterslide this summer! Tekapo Springs offers three adjoining main Hot Pools for you to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while looking out to the beautiful Two Thumb range and stunning Lake Tekapo.

about usPool temperatures range from forty degrees celsius to thirty-six degrees celsius and each pool offers something different - massage jets to assist in taking away any aches and pains and fountains to splash under. Tekapo Springs offers the world's largest landbased inflatable waterslide to its stable of activities. Dare to ride this 11 metre high, 53 metre long slide! Purchase your ticket and enjoy all day fun - great for the whole family! The Trippo will be open from 10am - 5pm daily in the summer months from mid Nov-February (operation times are weather dependent). About-us-01The Tekapo Springs Glacial Spa is open 7 days a week from 10am until 6pm.

The Day Spa has 4 fully equipped boutique spa rooms designed to enhance and maintain your health and beauty. Sit back, relax and let us pamper you while you enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Tekapo! Our Sauna and Steam Room sit close together near a traditional Plunge Pool. Sauna temperatures will vary to your requirements, as will the Steam Room. The Plunge Pool is at lake temperature - that's eight degrees celsius! Tekapo Springs' international size outdoor skating rink operates in the winter months. Give ice skating a go from mid April - mid September. Great fun for all ages! Adjacent to our ice skating rink is a one hundred and fifty metre long by fifty-metre wide tube park covered with man made and natural snow.

Tekapo Springs offers you a state of the art man made snow slope dedicated entirely to tobogganing and snow tubing, or simply frolicking in the snow. As the months get warmer the snow park is transformed into New Zealand's first and only summer tubing park. Using the same magic carpet, tubes and slope as the snow park, the summer tube allows for a year round tubing experience at Tekapo Springs. Fast, fun and safe summer tubing is the latest craze in Europe and Tekapo Springs is proud to introduce New Zealand's first to Lake Tekapo. Set in the heart of the complex is the purpose built and licensed Tekapo Springs Tahr Bar & Café. Our Café is the perfect place to sit back & unwind with its magnificent views over Lake Tekapo & Mt. Edward. Enjoy delicious home made food, fantastic coffee & large open fire to cozy up to during those cold winter months, or enjoy al fresco dining during the warmer weather.

Engineering - How it all Works!

"Clean, Green, Sustainable"

The site location, which is tucked under the southern side of Mount John on the shores of Lake Tekapo, has long been the home of ice rinks.

concept 499x364As ECNZ (Electricity Corporation New Zealand) raised lake levels through the seventies and eighties, the old rinks submerged and new natural rinks were created at the present site, some one hundred feet higher than the existing rinks. Two natural springs filled the rinks every autumn and froze as the temperatures dropped and the suns aperture changed as winter approached. These two alpine springs are the same water source that fill our new hot pools and are subsequently heated by our energy efficient heat recovery system. With climate change and warming temperatures, the reliability of forming natural ice has become difficult. Hence the need for a refrigeration plant to artificially freeze an ice surface. Engineering-01 Tekapo Springs artificial outdoor ice surface is powered by a five hundred kilowatt Hall Screw Compressor manufactured by J & E Hall International. The refrigeration plant will provide plenty of cooling capacity to freeze the ice surface. As a by-product of the freezing process, the refrigeration plant produces a lot of heat. In Fact at full operating capacity, the refrigeration plant will produce in excess of six hundred kilowatts of heating capacity.

Instead of letting this heat energy escape into the air unused, we will use this energy, by way of heat exchangers, to heat our hot pools and associated buildings. Over the summer months when the ice rink is not operational, we still need heat for our hot springs. The refrigeration plant has been designed so that it can cool or refrigerate any medium. Our medium for heating over the summer months will be to utilise the lake water that is only five hundred meters away, pump it through the refrigeration plant, therefore cooling it and pumping it back out into the lake and creating heat for our hot springs from this process. As a result of this sustainable and environmentally friendly energy use, we are getting an energy efficiency of 1:4. So for every kilowatt we put into pumping water through our refrigeration plant (or cooling Glycol for the ice rink) we get a whooping 4 kilowatts back, sometimes more.

concept2 499x118

Great technology and sustainability utilizing energy to its fullest, and all for your pleasure!! That's not all! Our very modern pool plant has the latest environmentally friendly filtering system using a giant sand filter and a minimal chlorine based WAPOTECH dosing system. This means our filtering process requires no substances (Such as DE or Diatimacious Earth as many pools use) that leave any toxic residue to deal with. Secondly, our WAPOTECH water-cleansing agents allow us to use minimal chlorine to attain fresh, clear and safe spring water for our bathers. Much of the rock and timber extracted from our site has been used for retaining and building purposes. The main building as seen below has been clad in Douglas fur timber cut and milled on site. All the rockwork (retaining walls, feature rocks, landscaping etc) has been done from rocks extracted from our site. Tekapo Springs is truly a unique destination offering a unique mix of recreation and relaxation with exceptional sustainability.