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Relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit in our sauna and steam rooms. These traditional spaces have been designed for complete relaxation and are for customers aged 16 years and over, with room for 10 people at one time. Our traditional plunge pool is set to the temperature of Lake Tekapo, a brisk 8 degrees Celsius.


Experience the healing benefits of sauna therapy in our traditional sauna room. The beautiful cedar-lined space promotes a feeling of total calm for the body and mind. During your sauna session, you can drizzle water over the hot stones to release waves of steam. This sensation is incredibly relaxing and adds humidity to the air and enhances your sauna experience.  

Regular sauna use has many health benefits including relief from aches and pains, strengthening of the immune system, weight loss, improved skin tone and appearance, relaxation of the mind and body, stress relief, release of toxins, and improved sleep.

Cold plunge pool

Step into our plunge pool and experience the invigorating thrill of water set to a refreshing 8 degrees Celsius! Cold water therapy has been used for centuries for its therapeutic benefits and is the perfect counterpoint to our steam and sauna rooms.

Cold water bathing can help activate your body’s natural healing powers; benefits include improved lymphatic circulation, reduced muscle inflammation, enhanced weight loss efforts, detoxification of pores, and reduced inflammation of joints and muscles.


Cleanse your body in the relaxing, humid environment of our steam room. This simple tiled room is filled with clouds of steam which fully envelop the body in a welcoming mist. Breathe deeply and feel your temperature rise; you should wait until a full body sweat is achieved which leaves you feeling fully relaxed and revitalised.

Benefits of using a steam room include improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, stress relief, quicker recovery from exercise, a boosted immune system, weight loss, soothing of the respiratory system, and healthy, glowing skin.


To buy your tickets online please select the number of adults and children in your group & add to the Cart. You can then enter your details + date of arrival & pay online. You will receive a confirmation email with your order ID to present at ticket counter.


Fluctuations in water temperatures may occur due to environmental conditions.
We reserve the right to close individual pools due to weather, maintenance or health and safety requirements.

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